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Once you have completed your straighter smile treatment it is important to keep your teeth in their new position irrespective of which brace system we have used.

During your treatment, the teeth are held in position by your braces or aligners, but once treatment is finished, stretched fibre in the gum will try to pull the teeth back to their original position (known as relapse). It can take time for soft tissue to remodel, in addition, ongoing growth of the jaws will also encourage the teeth to move once treatment has been completed.

The team at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough recommend state of the art ‘Vivera’ retainers to avoid relapse.

Vivera use state of the art Invisalign technology which includes 3D imaging software and high quality thermoplastic material to provide a competitive edge over other removable retainers. They are different to the normal removable retainers and will look very similar to the Invisalign aligners you may have worn to straighten your teeth.

Vivera retainers are soft, comfortable and easy to wear

Benefits of Vivera Retainers at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough

  • Vivera retainers are extremely durable being 30% stronger than other removable retainers.
  • Vivera retainers are tough and do not lose shape over time
  • Vivera retainers come in sets of 4, which means you will always have a handy spare
  • The patient’s dentition is stored digitally so is available for future use without impressions being taken again
  • Vivera’s technology allows for the retainers to be produced quickly and because the data is stored digitally, they can be shipped directly to your doorstep if needed.

How Much Are Vivera Retainers?

Vivera retainers start from £195. This can be included within your 0% finance package should you wish.

0% finance

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we offer all patients access to our 0% finance facility, meaning patients have choice and flexibility when it comes to financing their dental needs. Bringing you closer to a beautiful smile that is more affordable than you may think.


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