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Price List

TreatmentNon Members Fee
New Patient Initial Consultation£68
Routine Examination £51
Small X-rays Each £10
Panoral X-ray£34
CBCT 3D Scan From£98
Scale and Polish From £63
Air Flow Polish £46 + scale and polish fee
Treatment Consultation FREE
Sedation From £397
Composite Fillings From £141
Glass Ionomer Fillings From £76
Root Canal Treatment From £451
Extractions From £155
Crowns From £737
Bridges From£986
Dentures From£624
Orthodontic Consultation FREE
Metal Fixed Braces From £2200
Clear Fixed Braces From£2300
Lingual Braces From£2350
Invisalign From£3000
Cosmetic Smile Makeover Consultation FREE
Polar Home Teeth Whitening £397
Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening £561
Zoom in Surgery Teeth Whitening£737
Cosmetic Bonding *POA
Porcelain Veneers From£794
Composite Veneer From£397
Dental Implants Consultation FREE
Single Implant Placement (includes restoration) From £2750
Same Day Smile*POA
Bone Graft From£500
Facial Aesthetics ConsultationFREE
Anti Wrinkle Treatment From£221
Fillers From£284

Emergency Fees

TreatmentNon Members Fee
Emergency Appointment £57**
Out of Hours Call Out (Members only)£180

* The exact cost of an emergency appointment will depend on your specific emergency. Until we have seen you, we won’t be able to tell you how much it will cost to treat (as there are a number of things that could of happened). We will fully discuss this at the appointment.

Emergencies can include: