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Do you need to see an emergency Dentist in Loughborough?

Extreme Toothache? Broken a tooth? Lost a denture?

If you need to see an emergency dentist, call the team at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough today, we will be happy to see you for a dental emergency appointment usually on the same day, but certainly within 24 hours.

Looking for an emergency dentist ‘near you’?

The cost for our emergency dentist appointments are £57 (plus the cost of any treatment required). At your visit to our Loughborough emergency dentist clinic, we will carry out a full assessment, take some x-rays (if required) and advise you on the best course of action.

Very often, we can carry out simple repairs or treatment on the same-day. For issues that are more complex, we will schedule you a time to come back for treatment. However, you can be assured that our Loughborough emergency dentists will do their best to make sure that we make you pain-free and comfortable as soon as possible

Common Dental Emergencies that normally require someone to search for an emergency dentist include:

  • Broken or fractured teeth causing pain and discomfort
  • General toothache
  • Unusual oral swellings or growths
  • Broken or fractured crowns and veneers
  • Infected or painful Wisdom Teeth Pain
  • Broken wires or dislodged brackets on braces
  • Broken dentures
  • Dental Abscess or infections
  • Jaw Injuries
  • Partially Dislodged Teeth
  • Sports Injury
  • Gum or periodontal infections & lesions

Dental Trauma or Impact Injury?

We understand that you can never be fully prepared for every eventuality and accidents can still happen. When they do, it is always good to know what you should do:

Broken Teeth/Tooth - If you have a tooth or teeth which are broken, you must clean the area very carefully to lower the risk of infection. We advise that you use a sterile gauze which will help protect any area which is left exposed. If you can find the broken tooth or teeth, then the best approach is to try and put them in water to preserve as a short-term measure. You should then bring this to your emergency dentist appointment.

Loosened Teeth - If you receive a direct hit to the mouth area, then it is not uncommon for teeth to start to feel loose. If this occurs the best approach initially is to apply an ice pack to the affected area, and if possible, attempt to insert the tooth or teeth back into the socket. Please call our Loughborough emergency dentist team as soon as possible, as the earlier you are seen and dealt with, the higher the chance the tooth has to reattach, and the quicker it can heal.

Knocked Out Tooth - If you get a tooth which becomes knocked out, (similar to the other examples,) the quicker you get professional help and assistance the more likely the tooth is to heal and reattach. In the event this happens you are advised to try find and hold the bigger part (the crown) rather than the root (which is the end part) of the tooth. If possible, you should try to clean the tooth to remove any material which is coating it but remember to avoid any contact with the root area. You should then (by inserting the root first,) try and put the tooth back into the socket. A protective gauze should then be used to help cover the area. This should help temporarily until you are able to see our team at the Loughborough dentist centre. If for any reason you can’t insert the tooth back into the socket, then the next best thing would be to place it in milk which will keep it moist. Once you have tried these steps, call us immediately.

Whatever your dental emergency, call us as soon as you can. We will prioritise your case accordingly to ensure that you are seen as soon as possible and can receive the treatment of an emergency dentist in Loughborough.

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