Bone Augmentation

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Bone Augmentation

Creating strong foundations for implant dentistry

Many patients put up with the embarrassment and discomfort of missing teeth for many years. This can sometimes be due to gum disease, traumatic tooth loss or excessive wear and tear. To add insult to injury, very often patients will complaint that their appearance is altered.

This is because jawbone may have receded quite dramatically around the areas where teeth are missing (after all, the jawbone is present to hold the teeth in place, once teeth are missing, it will start to shrink back). This process can leave patients with vastly reduced bone volume, this in turn can cause cheeks to sink & hollow as there is no bone available to support the soft tissue.

Of course, in implant dentistry, we do require a strong foundation of bone into which to place implants and this is where we rely on bone augmentation techniques.

The implant & surgical team at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough have vast experience in the use of bone augmentation techniques to grow bone and create increased volume and structure.

Bone augmentation procedures can be carried out to restore bone height and width which will ultimately mean successful placement of dental implants where once this would not haven possible. We use a variety of bone augmentation materials and techniques at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough:

  • Bovine Bone
  • Irradiated human bone – similar to that used in hospitals for hip replacements and such like
  • Man-made ‘artificial’ bone

Bone Augmentation means we can grow and ‘bulk out’ bone to allow us to place implants

We will select materials based on individual needs, indicated by the proposed final result. Bone augmentation can often be carried out at the same time as implant placement, which reduces the need for additional treatment sessions.

We gently place and manipulate the bone into the tooth socket or around the area where we need to create more volume and then close your gum tissue over the top. The area will be left to ‘fuse’ and the bone will form a matrix whereby your own bone tissue will grow around it, ultimately making one type of bone indistinguishable from the other.

We understand that every patient is different and we will work hard to make sure that we find an augmentation solution that suits you based on your health and current bone formation.

Your Implant treatment programme will be planned in fine detail, as we believe that this type of treatment may last you for many years. Once we have explained all your options and you have chosen the best type of implant treatment to suit your needs, we will begin the treatment process.

Our friendly team will be with you every step of the way and you will be treated to first class customer care during your journey at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough. Our team will be on hand seven days a week to deal with any worries or concerns you may have.

If you are required to undergo Bone Augmentation surgery, we can provide Conscious Sedation to ensure that the entire experience is relaxing and stress-free. All treatment options will be explained in detail prior to commencing treatment and will have the opportunity to ask questions and share worries or concerns.

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