Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Safe wisdom tooth removal with the team at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we often see and treat patients who require removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Your wisdom teeth are your ‘third molars’. Most patients have a natural set of 32 adult teeth in their lifetime, some have a few more, some a few less. The third molars are usually the last adult teeth to erupt and they normally appear at around 18-21 years of age.

An impacted wisdom tooth is one which has grown in a difficult or troublesome angle and can often require wisdom tooth surgery to remove it. Wisdom teeth tend to erupt later in life and often there may be a lack of space in the jaw to accommodate them, and so the wisdom tooth may not be able to erupt properly or may even remain buried. Sometimes, an impacted wisdom tooth can cause food or bacteria to be easily trapped resulting in gum inflammation and swelling, leading to pain and infection.

Our experienced team of clinicians will carefully examine you to diagnose the best solution for removal

There are 4 types of impacted wisdom teeth:

  • 1. Vertical impaction – The wisdom tooth grows straight down and hits the next tooth.
  • 2. Angular impaction –The wisdom tooth grows at an angle facing towards the front of your mouth.
  • 3. Horizontal impaction – The wisdom tooth grows out horizontally & impacts the neighboring tooth root.
  • 4. Distal impaction – The wisdom tooth grows out away from the adjacent tooth and ends up in the wrong position

Why do I need my impacted wisdom tooth removed?

The reasons for removing an impacted wisdom tooth varies largely from case to case. If the wisdom tooth has come through properly and you are experiencing no problems from it, we usually advise patients to leave it as it is. If, however there is difficulty in keeping it clean and there is a high chance that it might cause problems in the future then we may suggest removal.

Our team of skilled and experienced clinicians will remove impacted wisdom teeth with minimal disruption and discomfort

Nervous about wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is often a surgical procedure, we have found that dental sedation has helped many people to undergo this procedure in relaxation and comfort.

Conscious Sedation (also known as ‘twilight sedation’, ‘IV sedation’, or ‘sleep sedation’) is a wonderful and extremely safe technique that encourages a deep state of relaxation. At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough, we use a sedative. The sedative is not designed to ‘put you to sleep’, but is used as a relaxant (although we do find that many patients naturally fall asleep during treatment!).

Patients are usually responsive during treatment (you may hear voices and respond to the gentle squeeze of your hand) but the amnesic effect of the drug will mean that patients remember very little of the procedure afterwards. In addition, patients treated under conscious sedation will often lose track of time, and a very long appointment will appear to be over in minutes.

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough, patients treated using dental sedation have remained very relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

The sedatives that we use are extremely safe and the side effects are minimal which means that after a 24hr recovery period (no driving, cooking or operating machinery) you can return to everyday life.

We will take the time to assess your medical history prior to your treatment & sedation session to ensure that you are entirely suitable. However, we do find that most patients who are nervous, worried or anxious can be treated using conscious sedation.

Benefits of Dental Sedation:

  • The sedatives are safe and side effects minimal
  • You can have a lot of treatment in just 1 session, which reduces both cost and number of visits
  • Dental sedation can help to overcome fear and anxiety for good
  • Most patients are suitable for conscious sedation (but will be assessed on individual needs).
  • You can be rid of pain and discomfort very quickly
  • You won’t remember much about the procedure

Conscious Sedation is an extremely effective and safe technique that can be used to help overcome dental phobia for good

Do I need Dental Sedation?

  • You have a deep-seated fear of visiting the dentist
  • You are suffering from extreme pain but fear is stopping you attending
  • You are putting off treatment that you want or need
  • You would like to overcome your dental phobia for good

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