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Professional Cleaning & Hygiene

Prevention to save time and money!

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we have an experienced hygiene team who are dedicated to providing optimum oral hygiene in order to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Our hygiene focused, preventative approach means that patients at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough routinely enjoy a healthy and disease free dentition

The Hygiene team believe that the foundation of a healthy smile are healthy gums and great oral hygiene and homecare. Your gums are the anchors of your teeth and hold them firmly in place and so deserve routine care, maintenance and attention. The great news is that with the correct techniques and your commitment to regular maintenance, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your own natural teeth well into your senior years.

Much more than just ‘cleaner teeth’ at Loughborough Dental!

Our hygienists do way more than just ‘clean teeth’! The Hygiene team form a crucial part of our clinical team and work closely with the dentists to ensure that patients retain a healthy smile. The skill and dedication of our two Hygienists mean that we are often able to save teeth in patients who were previously suffering from gum disease or help to prolong the life of the wonderful aesthetic or implant dentistry that our skilled clinicians may provide.

Our dentists and hygienists work very closely to assess the individual needs of our patients and will work together where necessary, to provide a treatment plan and options bespoke to each patient.

The main cause of gum disease is a build-up of plaque and tartar. Whilst flossing between the teeth and brushing twice a day will help to remove the buildup of deposits it is recommended that patients visit the hygienist every 3-6 months for a ‘professional clean’ in order to remove bacteria and toxins from those hard to reach areas that brushing alone will not reach.

Professional cleaning is crucial for long-term gum health and fresh breath

Persistent bad breath is usually caused by toxins excreted by the bacteria in plaque that coats your teeth and gums. If the plaque is not removed effectively, bad breath will persist and other symptoms of gum diseased will rapidly follow, such as bleeding gums and eventually, loose teeth.

We find that patients who commit to regular Hygiene visits are much less likely to be plagues by gum problems and whiffy breath!

What does a hygienist do?

  • They teach our patients crucial home-care techniques so that they can maintain their gums and oral health at home.
  • They carry out professional cleaning to ensure that plaque and toxins are removed from those hard to reach areas which, left untreated, can cause gum disease.
  • They help to maintain and actively treat those patients suffering with advanced gum or periodontal disease
  • They can provide additional treatments, such as ‘air-flow’ polishing - Did you know we can remove unsightly staining in as little as 20 minutes?
  • They can prescribe bespoke oral hygiene products to ensure that problems areas are treated quickly & effectively.
  • They will alert the dentist to any changes in your oral health that may be indicative of more serious issues.
  • Our Hygiene team is focused on prevention - the aim to diagnose and treat gum issues before they become a real problem

Prevention is key to maintaining your investment!

For patients who have undergone complex or comprehensive treatments, such as dental implants or smile makeovers, we recommend they visit the dental hygienist every 3 months. Whilst we consider such dentistry to be long-lasting this is only the case if home-care and oral health is in optimal condition. Our Hygiene team will carry out a deep professional clean, recommend additional home-care products and keep the dentist informed as to your current gum health and hygiene status.

Regular hygiene visits are a vital part of the lifespan of cosmetic and implant dentistry

Join the Loughborough Dental Membership Plan!

Why not spread the cost of your routine care (examinations and hygiene visits) by joining our membership plan? Simply call or pop into the practice and ask one of our friendly team about the benefits of our monthly membership plan. You can budget and pay monthly for your regular dental needs to ensure that you have a healthy mouth for life.

Benefits of visiting our hygienist

  • Protects your investment in Implant dentistry or Smile Makeovers by maintaining the gums, the very foundation, or your new smile.
  • Helps to prevent gum disease
  • Helps to effectively maintain patients who have periodontal disease
  • Recommendations for the very best oral hygiene products
  • The confidence of fresher breath
  • Cleaner and whiter teeth
  • Preventative approach to your entire dental health
  • Monitor diet and sugar intake
  • Help with smoking cessation

Never visited a Hygienist before? Or maybe it’s been a while and you are a little embarrassed? Maybe you have left your current practice and are looking to build a relationship with a new hygienist?
Whatever the reason, please call our friendly team and book your free consultation – we are here to help.

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