Six Month Smiles (6MS)

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Six Month Smiles (6MS)

Enjoy your journey towards straighter teeth in as little as 6 months with 6MS!

Six Month Smiles is a ‘Short Term Cosmetic Orthodontic System’ designed to move your front teeth into the correct position to give you a beautiful new smile in as little as 6 months.

Six Month Smiles technique uses the latest 6MS innovation & technology to move your teeth quickly and safely using clear braces that are barely visible to gently straighten your teeth. At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we have found Six Month Smiles to be a wonderful treatment for adult patients wishing to improve the cosmetic appearance of their front teeth.

The Six-Month Smiles system is very comfortable, easy to wear and easy to adjust making it the perfect solution for adults who are time-poor and lead busy social lives

The Six- Month Smiles system works by using low force to move teeth gently but quickly. Six Month Smiles uses standard, traditional orthodontic techniques, but with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the overall position of your bite.

Our adult patients LOVE the quick, pain-free results that Six-Month Smiles continue to offer!

As with any teeth-straightening treatment a retainer is necessary to maintain the straighter position of your teeth. There are a variety of retainer options that you can choose from according to your personal preference and situation.

At your Straighter Smile consultation, we will:

  • Carry out a thorough assessment of your entire mouth. This is to make sure your teeth and gums are in a healthy position to wear braces
  • We may take x-rays, again to ensure the foundations of your teeth are healthy and also to assess angles of tooth roots
  • We will probably take a ‘full-mouth’ OPG x-ray, commonly used by Dentists with a special interest in orthodontics to assess teeth alignment and development
  • Take digital photos of your teeth, face, and facial form to allow us to assess the severity of the misalignment
  • Talk to you about your lifestyle needs to ensure that we prescribe the very best straightening solution for you.

We want to learn all about you, in particular your lifestyle. This is particularly important in adults when considering teeth straightening for cosmetics reasons.

  • What is your profession?
  • Do you play contact sports?
  • Do you play a musical instrument?
  • Do you have a special occasion or wedding on the horizon?
  • Are you nervous or suffer from a gag reflex?

All of these factors, in combination with your dental assessment, will be considered so that together, we can choose the very best straightening system for you.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough

  • Discreet, fixed braces perfect for busy adult lives
  • Faster treatment time – results in as little as 6 months!
  • Tooth coloured brackets to blend in with your natural teeth
  • Comfortable and easy to wear

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we offer a comprehensive FREE Straighter Smile consultation alongside our ‘Straighter Smile Programme’ to include:

  • Free ‘Straighter Smile consultation’
  • Brace or straightening system of your choice (dependant on results of consultation)
  • Cosmetic reshaping of teeth (if required)
  • Retainers (designed to hold teeth in place permanently)
  • Free Teeth Whitening for a beautifully natural final result

0% finance

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we offer all patients access to our 0% finance facility, meaning patients have choice and flexibility when it comes to financing their dental needs. Bringing you closer to a beautiful smile that is more affordable than you may think.

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