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Everyone at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough will always greet you with a warm and friendly welcome. We are not only dedicated at providing the very best in dental care and treatments but we also want the whole experience and patient journey to be Relaxing, calm, comfortable, enjoyable and Rewarding.

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David’s Crowning Glory

David’s worn front teeth were beginning to cause him embarrassment. But he can now smile confidently again—thanks to Ascent Dental’s queen of crowns, Yasmine!


Totally Comfortable

You wouldn’t know from speaking to her that Jean is a nervous patient. Her smile proves that anyone can get the care they deserve from Ascent Dental.


Worry-Free Dentistry

Hillary, who often felt uneasy about dental appointments, now experiences a worry-free visit with our sedation options. She says dental care has become a breeze!


Part of the Family

Giovannah says she always gets a warm welcome from the Ascent team. Here she is with warm words just moments before undergoing root canal therapy.



Things rarely go wrong with orthodontics. But when they do, you’ll find our team attentive, responsive and ready to help.


Confidence Restored

Orthodontic relapse was beginning to make Sophia feel self-conscious. She says the support and advice she received at Ascent helped everything make sense.


Prajay Looks Great

Prajay’s been considering orthodontic treatment ever since leaving school. But an assessment at Ascent Dental was the nudge he needed to get started.


All Options Explained

After hearing about our extensive teeth straightening options, Molly opted for discreet fixed Damon Braces.


One Week to Go

Emma missed out on vital orthodontic treatment as a child. But it’s never too late to get super discreet straightening from Gursh and revolutionary clear Damon Braces.


Cassie’s Big Reveal

Here’s Invisalign patient Cassie’s big reveal after treatment with Invisalign and a round of gentle whitening. Amazing!


Young Smiles, Big Changes

Lucy’s son, Archie, had issues with overcrowded teeth and a pronounced overbite. Under the care of Dr Gursh, Archie’s smile is rapidly improving and on its way to being perfect.


Invisalign at Work

Sonya works in our head office, so she knew who to turn to for straighter smiles. Sonya used our Dental Monitoring app to ensure her treatment with Gursh went smoothly.


Gaps? What Gaps?

You wouldn’t know that Katie’s smile was once rudely interrupted by a prominent gap. But not anymore—thanks, Jas and Invisalign!


Very Calming

Here’s Ascent patient Hilary with kind words for the Ascent team shortly after undergoing root canal therapy.


Heather’s Winning Smile

Commonwealth athlete Heather let previous orthodontic treatment lapse, but there would be no such hurdles this time!


Hannah’s Transformation

Challenges with new wisdom teeth led Hannah to Ascent Dental and our Invisalign treatment. Thanks to our convenient Dental Monitoring app, Hannah’s treatment required fewer visits, and she’s well on her way to achieving the ideal Invisalign® smile.


Smiling After 40 Years

Fear of the dentist meant Steve waited 40 years to get the vital treatment he needed. Full upper and lower implants have restored Steve’s confidence—and his faith in dentistry.


You Won’t Regret it

Wondering why Invisalign is the world’s favourite discreet removable aligner? Just ask Ascent patient Andy.


Charlotte Hasn’t Looked Back

Meeting Gursh and the Ascent team was the nudge Charlotte needed to get over her fear of the dentist and undergo Invisalign treatment—just in time for her wedding!


Suits Me AND My Budget

When your job involves meeting clients every day, you need to be confident of looking your best. Bob’s one of our many patients to opt for implant treatment under sedation.


Love-Lee Smiles

Lee connected with Ascent Dental following a recommendation from a friend. Combined orthodontic and implant treatment helped Lee lose his fear of the dentist and discover a winning smile!


The Best Experience I’ve Had

Paul contacted Ascent Dental after breaking a dental bridge provided by another dentist—and he’s glad he did!


Lauren Smiles BIG Again

Lauren was left feeling low on confidence after breaking a front tooth. But an implant from Faresh and the Ascent Dental team changed everything.


Professional, Friendly and Caring

Jignesh is another happy Ascent patient whose life has been changed by exceptional care from the implant team here at Ascent.



When Anne’s tooth broke in two, she found it difficult to eat. Instead of a crown, Anne opted for an implanted replacement from Shiv and couldn’t be happier!


Nervous? Not Any More!

Sugar fan Andy was scared of the dentist before meeting Jas at Ascent. Here he is midway through implant treatment with kind words for our team.


Adrian’s Over The Moon!

Like many implant patients, Adrian was living with severe dental pain when he came to see Faresh and the Ascent team. He says implants were a huge confidence boost!


Susie Feels Wonderful!

Here’s long-time Ascent Dental fan Susie after another hygiene appointment with our team. “I feel wonderful!” She says.


Calming Influence

Another nervous patient. Another implant success story from Amit, Faresh, Beth, Julian and the rest of the Ascent team.


Sue Sings Our Praises!

Singer Sue got the thumb up from our hygienist Anne—and gave one right back in song!


Three Generations of Ascent Fans

Here’s grandmum Sue, who’s over the moon that her sons, daughters and grandchildren are in the care of Ascent’s oral health experts.


We Put Sarah at Ease

Nervous patient Sarah says our hygiene team put her at ease and provided valuable advice about maintaining a beautiful smile. No wonder her whole family are fans!


10/10 from Rachel

Here’s Rachel after her first hygiene appointment with Ascent. So how did she rate us?


Efficient, Painless and Thorough

Richard describes his hygiene appointment at Ascent Dental and recounts how our preventative philosophy has helped him stay in great health.


All Done. Feeling GOOD!

Michelle’s hygiene appointment with Anne—including an all-over polish and scale—made her feel great!


Recommended for All

“The staff are fantastic, and the dentist is great. I’d recommend Ascent to anybody!” Another thumbs-up for Ascent. Thanks, Nicola!


Polished and Plaque-Free

Marianne says hygiene appointments with Anne are painless—and leave her feeling lovely!


Polished and Professional

Julie and her daughter are Ascent Dental regulars. Keeping up with hygiene and scale and polish treatments is all they need to look and feel fantastic!


Expertise Shines Through

When your high street neighbour is Ascent Dental, you can always be sure of wearing a winning smile!


Family-Friendly Care

A scale, polish and filling were nothing to worry about for Emma, who says her whole family always feels looked after when arriving at Ascent Dental.


Roxanne is Rockin’ Fixed Braces

You wouldn’t know to look that Roxanne is wearing fixed braces. Clear brackets and wires are the secrets here. Roxanne chose to finish her look with composite bonding.


Well Saved!

Birmingham City fans may recognise goalie Neil. Here he explains how Yasmine and the team saved his smile with Invisalign, composite bonding and whitening.


Richard’s Very Happy!

Sometimes, sticking to a good hygiene routine is all that’s needed for a life of carefree smiles. Thanks, Ascent Dental!


Easy, Friendly and Professional

Paul’s search for the perfect dentist led him to our Malvern practice—and he was happy to discover friendly and professional care on offer.


Couldn’t Fault Them!

Another appointment with Arum assures Mike will stay in tip-top long-term health, with many more years of healthy smiles to come!


Treatment is Painless for Paul

Sculptor paul says the pain-free dentistry he receives at Ascent can hold its own with the best that California has to offer.


Marianne Looks Great!

Marianne’s twice-yearly checkups with Laura have left her looking and feeling fantastic! And Marianne loves Ascent’s easy-to-book emergency service.


Dominic Loves Ascent

Dominic wouldn’t miss his regular hygiene appointments with Mandeep and Ascent for the world!


Oh No!

When nervous patient Sue broke a filling, she was understandably a little nervous about having it repaired. Mandeep to the rescue!


Worried? Don’t Be!

Carol is one of the many thousands of UK patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist. Here’s why she loves Ascent.


No More Nerves

Let’s face it—no one loves having fillings. So treatment with Mandeep was a breath of fresh air for Rebecca.


Treatment with a Twist

Previous dental work from another dentist left fiona with a twisted tooth and a worn crown. Shiv to the rescue—with stunning veneers.


Fantastic! No Problem!

A new patient checkup for Dan revealed the need for root canal work and a new crown. This was no problem for our dentist Mandeep!


Everything’s Fine!

Regular checkups from our general dental team have left David looking and feeling great.


100% Recommended

Our team replaced Tom’s worn crowns and future-proofed more dental work to give many more years of confident smiles.


Commendation for Jaz

Trevor is full of praise for our cosmetic dentist, Jaz. He found our 0% finance option incredibly helpful, making his dental care journey smooth and affordable.

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