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There is no doubt that more and more people are deciding to have their teeth whitened. Teeth whitening brings the results of brighter and whiter teeth with more people aware of the benefits an attractive smile can bring. Maybe you are sitting at home thinking why bother having your teeth whitened or would you benefit from having it done? Our latest article should answer all your questions.

Teeth whitening is almost usually a private treatment which is classed as aesthetic. The actual process involves using a substance which acts to bleach the teeth to produce a whiter effect. There is no such thing as perfect white teeth, although depending on how stained your teeth currently are, many people can see significant differences and benefits from having this procedure done.


Teeth whitening sounds a simple procedure and like anyone could do or offer it. The law is strict with regards to this type of treatment, Despite it being an aesthetic practice designed to enhance appearance, establishments like beauty salons are not allowed to administer it. Only qualified and regulated dental professionals are allowed. Home kits can be ordered, but again the lack of professional input and monitoring means this can be a risky option.


Teeth whitening isn’t done as a single visit and will normally require a few trips. Before having your teeth whitened, your dentist should consider whether the treatment is necessary or recommended for you, aswell as talk about your expectations. Once the treatment starts an impression of your mouth will be taken to act as what is known as a mouth guard. You will then use this in combination with the bleaching substance to help whiten the teeth. The time and frequency this procedure is done depends on your individual circumstances and what is trying to be achieved but always closely follow your dentists instructions.

A less common but perfectly viable option is to have what is known as laser whitening where a powder is painted onto the teeth to coat it, with a laser being shone which activates the chemical that brings the teeth whiter.


Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution so depending on your lifestyle there is every chance your teeth will become discoloured over time and the procedure may have to be repeated. Average estimates suggest that most people get about 3 years worth of benefit after having the procedure carried out. Teeth whitening only works and is effective for natural teeth.


Many people ask about the differences between teeth whitening and teeth whitening toothpaste. The former is a specific procedure as we have already explained. The whitening toothpaste is generally designed to better remove stains and plaque rather than procedure a result on the scale of having a teeth whitening treatment carried out.


Side effects are minimal but not unheard of (this is especially why it is important to make sure a qualified dental team are overseeing the procedure.) Some people may be sensitive to the chemicals or find their mouth area is generally sensitive after treatment. Normally this is nothing serious and doesn’t last too long. If you are concerned talk to your dentist before treatment starts, and make contact at the time should problems arise.


After treatment, results can be maintained by following certain steps. If you smoke, cutting back / stopping and reducing the amount of tea or coffee you drink (in other words, things that contribute to staining) can all help ensure your whiter smile stays for longer.


You can find out more on teeth whitening and what makes our clinic so special in its offering by clicking the link and visiting our dedicated page now.

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