Nov 5, 2019

Solutions for missing teeth

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Loosing a tooth can cause problems with the overall functionality of your mouth, causing pain and discomfort. It can also have a detrimental affect on your own self image and confidence. Luckily, there are multiple options for this situation, so in this article we’re going to look at the possible solutions for missing teeth.


Why replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth can change the way we bite together, due to you remaining teeth drifting over to fill in the gaps left. You can also get food debris stuck in these gaps which can potentially lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Multiple teeth missing can lead to more serious and noticeable defects. Face muscles can begin to sag when you have lost a lot of teeth, which affects the way you look as well as making your speech less coherent. These effects can also lead to poor self-image and low confidence.


What are my options?

There are many different options for replacing lost teeth, should the situation arise. You could choose to replace the missing teeth, with options such as dentures, bridges or dental implants or you could do nothing at all and leave the gaps empty. It is entirely up to you what you do in this situation, but we want to make sure you know the pros and cons of each treatment before you make the decision.


Dental implants

Implants are a high-quality standard for tooth replacements, made from a titanium rod which is placed into your jaw, and fitted with a crown on top, dental implants are the next best thing compared to your natural bone. Implants can also be used when creating bridges and dentures too.

Dental implants are a great substitute for your natural teeth, with high success rates, brilliant strength and stability and not a lot of maintenance needed once fitted. However, Dental implants are expensive and quite time consuming to get fitted. It also requires minor surgery to be fitted, so this is something to consider when opting for a tooth replacement.



You may be recommended a bridge if you only have a couple of teeth missing and you don’t think an implant is the best option for you. Bridges are fitted with two crowns bonded to the natural teeth, either side of the gap in your teeth with the false tooth in the middle.

You can opt for another type of bridge if both natural teeth are strong and healthy enough. This type is a false tooth with wings on either side. This is then bonded to the inner surfaces of your teeth. You will require a special dental floss to clean the gap under the bridge once this is fitted, which will be demonstrated by your dentist or hygienist.



Dentures are another viable solution for missing teeth. Depending on how many teeth are missing, you could be fitted for a partial or full denture. You can also get a temporary partial denture whilst waiting for a bridge to be fitted.

Dentures are tailored to ft the contours of your teeth and gum line, so they are completely unique to you. This is done through a dentist using dental putty to create an impression of the area so the denture will fit perfectly. Dentures can be made from either plastic or metal base plates, the metal base plates are sturdier and more reliable, however they do cost more than the plastic.

If you do get dentures fitted, it may be required for some other teeth to be removed before it can be fitted. This could be down to your teeth being too decayed to save, or you may need some to be removed for a full denture to be fitted. It may take a couple of months for your dentures to be fitted after this as your gums will need time to heal properly.

To conclude, the treatment you opt to receive, if any, depends entirely on your own preferences. All the mentioned treatments have great benefits but depend entirely on your budget and the severity of the missing tooth or teeth. Discussing these options further with your dentist is recommended so you can be certain that it’s the right treatment for you to receive.

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