Amalgam Fillings Removal Treatment
in Loughborough

‘Tooth Coloured’ Fillings For a More Natural Smile!

If you have silver, metal ‘amalgam’ fillings did you know that these can be easily replaced with white, tooth-coloured filling material?

Tooth coloured fillings are an affordable choice for a whiter, brighter smile!

Dennis sharp

Excellent experience, had 2 fillings, the dentist talked through every step, would rate the visit higher if I could. Thank you Dr Shiv

Are White Fillings For Me?

If you feel your current metal fillings are a little unsightly maybe it’s time to replace them with invisible tooth coloured fillings!

  • You have small chips in your front teeth that require minor repair
  • You are conscious about your silver amalgam fillings when you smile
  • You have a few small fillings that need to be replaced
  • You are looking for a less toxic restoration (in comparison to metal amalgam)
  • You are looking for a durable but affordable solution to your worn fillings


If you are looking for a durable, aesthically pleasing alternative to silver amalgam fillings, composite tooth coloured fillings could be the perfect choice. In addition, they are affordable which means that white fillings are accessible to everyone!

Rebecca Ward


I NEVER believed I’d EVER be able to sit in a dentist chair and have 3 fillings done, but today, I did, Thanks to Mandeep (Dentist) and Lisa. I was a shivering, shaking, crying, nervous wreck! I felt totally in control the entire time, she went at my pace, I didn’t feel rushed, I felt very looked after. Didn’t feel a thing, not even the injection (Bad needle phobia) She is amazing at her job. The service I received was outstanding. So pleased I’ve actually found such a fantastic Dentist. The girls on reception are so lovely, warm and welcoming, they make you feel very relaxed.

I just can’t Thank You all enough.

Before & After

White Fillings

This patient had a large silver metal filling which created a dark shadow on the outside of the tooth. This was replaced with a white filling to improve the strength and aesthetics of this tooth.

White Fillings

This patient came to us with a failing silver filling. Alongside this they were also unhappy with the appearence of the filling. It was replaced with a white filling material to restore the tooth back to health and improve the cosmetic look of the tooth.

Video testimonials


Oh No!

When nervous patient Sue broke a filling, she was understandably a little nervous about having it repaired. Mandeep to the rescue!


No More Nerves

Let’s face it—no one loves having fillings. So treatment with Mandeep was a breath of fresh air for Rebecca.

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