Teeth Whitening
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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening has been the most requested treatment for enhancing the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s smile for quite some time. This is no surprise to the team at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough, as we continue to be amazed at the simply wonderful results effective teeth whitening can achieve.

Teeth will darken naturally over time due to prolonged exposure to food dyes in tea/coffee, red wine, pasta sauces and such like. In this instance, teeth whitening is a really simple solution used to instantly brighten and whiten your smile.

David Foulkes-Williams

I recently completed my teeth whitening process at Ascent in Loughborough with Dr Jyoti Parmar. This was made a little more difficult due to me having a dead tooth and a veneer at the front, however the whole process was explained and Jyoti made sure I was content with all steps.

After completing my at home whitening I had to be matched up for my new veneers, I then had to have the two dead teeth shaved down and prepared for veneer fitting. During the period my veneers were being made one of my teeth chipped and Jyoti got me in as soon as she could to assess if the veneers could still be fitted. All was well and I had my veneers fitted the next day.

The finished whitened smile with new veneers, also closing my gaps slightly looks amazing and has already given me more confidence, the teeth are lots whiter and the veneers look natural. Overall I’m extremely pleased with how my procedure turned out, the communication and levels of professionalism from all at ascent! If you’re thinking of having some whitening done or replacing veneers go with ascent, you won’t be disappointed!

Benefits of Home Teeth Whitening

  • Can be carried out at a time and place to suit you
  • You are in control of the desired result
  • Safe, effective and consistent results
  • Results in as little as 5-7 days
  • Can be easily ‘topped-up’
Sophie Tucker

Ascent Dental is a very friendly & professional dentist. I started a teeth whitening journey in December with the process commencing a few weeks ago, with great results, I found that they are very attentive in making sure I am a happy with my final results. I’m now a full new patient of the dentist and for the first time, I’m not terrified to go to a dentist. Mandeep made me feel very relaxed and talked me through everything. Gursh was also very welcoming as well and made me feel like I was in great, trusted hands for something that was very new and out my comfort zone.

Blue Battersby

Good Morning, following my wife: Gilly’s, superb experience at Ascent l have bitten the bullet and have had treatment myself. Since a child l have had wonkey teeth and have been overly conscious of my smile. I booked in to see Jyoti: who worked a minor miracle on Gilly’s broken front tooth, and how glad l am, although l suspect all the dentists have the same expertise. I had my initial appraisal and after a thorough check up and discussion l decided on composite bonding preceeded by home teeth whitening. The whitening was followed by a further appointment to finalise the bonding work and see a mock up that Jyoti had made showing me how my teeth would look after bonding. Once agreed, the game was on😬😬, Final appointment 2 weeks later and I shouldn’t have worried, 2 1/2 hours in the chair and the work was completed with no injections, no pain, slight discomfort but to be expected. Then came the big reveal, no fanfare or band playing, just Jyoti and her dental tech smiling and holding a mirror for me to look at my, “new” self. I can’t accurately describe how l felt, after so many years of smiling with a closed mouth or the hand over my mouth, l could now see straight white: not too white, gleaming teeth, overjoyed about sums it up. Anyway, enough of me, Jyoti is in my opinion a fabulous dentist with a smashing manner and approach, not at all pushy and is respectful of her patients input, faultless. When you then add the fantastic and friendly girls/ladies on reception, in my case Caitlan and Ellie, the whole dentist experience is on a level l have never felt before in a dentists surgery. Bottom line, Gilly and l have fallen on our feet choosing Ascent and have now joined their care plan. Thanks to all. Rgds Peter Battersby JP

Is Teeth Whitening for me?

Patients at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough continue to report consistent and reliable results of home teeth whitening.

  • You have healthy teeth that are simply stained or discoloured
  • You would like a convenient ‘home-based’ solution
  • You are conscious about the current colour of your teeth
  • You would like a safe, non-invasive, professional result

At your initial visit our team will explain to you that the ultimate goal is to achieve the optimum level of natural whiteness for your looks and complexion, however, it is important to remember that home whitening is designed to whiten only your natural tooth structure. If you have crowns or veneers the treatment will be assessed on an individual basis to ensure that we create a treatment plan that fully meets your needs.

Emily Lee

I went to Ascent dental care in Loughborough to look into ways I could improve my smile. My dentist Jyoti was absolutely amazing! She talked me through all my options and we decided to go for a whitening treatment and then composite bonding. The communication throughout from the practice was incredible and the process couldn’t have been made easier. Jyoti has absolutely transformed my smile and I couldn’t be happier! Not only is she professional and brilliant at what she does, she’s also very friendly and put me at ease through every step. Thank you soo much!

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Caitlin’s Guide to Whitening

Our in-house whitening delivers fantastic results. Here’s Caitlin to let us in on how it works.

Before & After

Damon Braces & Teeth Whitening

This patient was unhappy with the colour, staining and alignment of her teeth. We used damon braces to widen the smile and align the teeth followed by teeth whitening.

Teeth Straightening & Whitening

This patient was unhappy with the position and gaps between the teeth aswell as the colour. We carried out teeth straightening followed by whitening and bonding to complete the smile.

Video testimonial

Well Saved!

Birmingham City fans may recognise goalie Neil. Here he explains how Yasmine and the team saved his smile with Invisalign, composite bonding and whitening.

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