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Securing Dentures Firmly in Place

Fed up with loose dentures? Are your dentures ‘floating’ around your mouth? Are your dentures uncomfortable?

We use dental implants as a simple and cost effective way to secure dentures firmly in place.

Granville Mercy

Overall a good experience, friendly and informative staff.

Are Overdentures Suitable For Me?

  • Are your dentures loose or uncomfortable?
  • Do you refrain from eating the foods you love, such as apples, sandwiches, steak dinners?
  • Do you rely on dentures fixatives to hold dentures in place?
  • Are you self-conscious about eating in front of others?
  • Have your dentures ‘slipped out’ on occasion?
  • Do you avoid social situations?
  • Have you noticed a change in your facial features as you being to lose bone?
  • Do you find that your speech is affected by wearing dentures?
  • Do you long for fixed teeth again?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to three or more of these questions, then you are suitable for overdentures.

Charli Orridge

I couldn’t recommend Ascent highly enough, especially for patients who are nervous about going to the dentist. Every member of staff I have interacted with has been friendly, professional and made me feel totally at ease, even though I was very anxious about visiting the dentist. I requested a new patient consultation and was seen by my dentist Mandeep and dental nurse Alex later that same week. Mandeep was so patient and thorough and explained the treatment I required clearly every step of the way and Alex was lovely and so reassuring. Again, appointments for the treatment were available straight away and Mandeep and dental nurse Hollie were so calming and professional. I was so happy with the service throughout this initial consultation and treatment that I have joined Ascent as a member and will continue to come for my routine check-ups and I no longer feel frightened about the prospect of a dentist visit!

Benefits of Overdentures

  • No more worrying about dentures being loose or floating around
  • Increased self-confidence in social situations
  • Provides the ability to eat and enjoy the foods that you love
  • Improved nutrition and digestive function
  • Slows down bone loss
  • Comfortable dentures -no rubbing against gum tissue
  • Improvement in speech and overall function
  • A relatively speedy solution with usually just one surgical procedure
Amy H

If you want to be looked after and have great teeth then this is the place to go! There is nothing I can fault about this company. They have always been so friendly, professional, always had appointment times, kept in touch to confirm appointments and the place is always spotless and smells amazing! Cleanliness is 10/10 too. They go the extra mile, sending little cards to wish you well with your new braces. I had one to say we hope your getting on with your new brace and another to say we hope you are loving your new smile! I am extremely happy with my results and I would high recommend this dentist to anyone!

Before & After

4 Implants and a Removable Overdenture

This patient needed two unrepairable lower teeth removing which meant his denture would become extremely loose. He was interested in a more permanent option so we provided four implants and a removable lower overdenture alongside an upper removable denture.
The final result was a stable lower set of teeth and beautiful looking upper teeth.

Dental Implants & Overdentures

This patient had extensive gum disease so this patients teeth were removed. Temporary dentures were provided but they were not secure enough for the patient to eat so we placed Dental Implants in the upper and lower jaws. We secure Overdentures to the dental implants which provides more stability and security for the new teeth.

Video testimonials


Smiling After 40 Years

Fear of the dentist meant Steve waited 40 years to get the vital treatment he needed. Full upper and lower implants have restored Steve’s confidence—and his faith in dentistry.


Suits Me AND My Budget

When your job involves meeting clients every day, you need to be confident of looking your best. Bob’s one of our many patients to opt for implant treatment under sedation.

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