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Professional Cleaning & Hygiene

We have an experienced hygiene team who are dedicated to providing optimum oral hygiene in order to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

Our hygiene focused, preventative approach means that patients at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough routinely enjoy a healthy and disease free dentition.

The Hygiene team believe that the foundation of a healthy smile are healthy gums and great oral hygiene and homecare. Your gums are the anchors of your teeth and hold them firmly in place and so deserve routine care, maintenance and attention. The great news is that with the correct techniques and your commitment to regular maintenance, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your own natural teeth well into your senior years.

Simon Walker

Received their usual professional friendly and efficient service. The practice has provided me with great advice on my dental health. My hygienist Tayba, aided by Alex, is most helpful and thorough in monitoring ongoing progress with my gum hygiene and cleaning.


Tayba Hygiene Tips

Here’s our hygienist Tayba with her five top tips for staying fresh and healthy long-term.

Tips from Our Team

We asked our team to get together and decide on their five most important tips for maintaining great oral health. Here’s what they said…

What Does a Hygienist Do?

  • They teach our patients crucial home-care techniques so that they can maintain their gums and oral health at home
  • They carry out professional cleaning to ensure that plaque and toxins are removed from those hard to reach areas which, left untreated, can cause gum disease
  • They help to maintain and actively treat those patients suffering with advanced gum or periodontal disease
  • They can provide additional treatments, such as ‘air-flow’ polishing – Did you know we can remove unsightly staining in as little as 20 minutes?
  • They can prescribe bespoke oral hygiene products to ensure that problems areas are treated quickly & effectively
  • They will alert the dentist to any changes in your oral health that may be indicative of more serious issues
  • Our Hygiene team is focused on prevention – the aim to diagnose and treat gum issues before they become a real problem
Anthony Hudson

Absolutely 100% for customer service, customer care, range of treatments and hygiene. Polite, friendly, clean and organised.

Trained in the art of dental hygiene

Prevention is Key to Maintaining Your Investment!

For patients who have undergone complex or comprehensive treatments, such as dental implants or smile makeovers, we recommend they visit the dental hygienist every 3 months. Whilst we consider such dentistry to be long-lasting this is only the case if home-care and oral health is in optimal condition. Our Hygiene team will carry out a deep professional clean, recommend additional home-care products and keep the dentist informed as to your current gum health and hygiene status.

Regular hygiene visits are a vital part of the lifespan of cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Professional cleaning is crucial for long-term gum health and fresh breath

Persistent bad breath is usually caused by toxins excreted by the bacteria in plaque that coats your teeth and gums. If the plaque is not removed effectively, bad breath will persist and other symptoms of gum diseased will rapidly follow, such as bleeding gums and eventually, loose teeth.

We find that patients who commit to regular Hygiene visits are much less likely to be plagues by gum problems and whiffy breath!

Tasha Grant

16 months of dental work and I couldn’t be happier with the final result with my new smile!

I did not think it was possible to perfect my teeth due to my over bite and I was worried about the time I would need to wear a brace but it flew by.

The transformation is amazing and I can now smile with confidence!

Thank you x

How Much Will a Hygiene Visit Cost Me?

Each hygiene visit will cost from £63. However, we do offer a membership plan that includes both the hygiene visits (as well as other benefits and discounts), that makes it a more cost effective.

If you would like to book your hygiene appointment or discuss our membership plans further please call do not hesitate to call us today.

Before & After

Hygiene & Composite Bonding

Patient had generalised staining and sensitivity from buccal wear cavities.
We carried out hygiene treatment with tooth coloured restorations to improve the smile.

Video testimonials


Dominic Loves Ascent

Dominic wouldn’t miss his regular hygiene appointments with Mandeep and Ascent for the world!


Family-Friendly Care

A scale, polish and filling were nothing to worry about for Emma, who says her whole family always feels looked after when arriving at Ascent Dental.

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