Feb 3, 2020

10 tips for a healthy mouth in 2020

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To kick the decade off, we thought a list of the top ten tips for proper oral hygiene would be fitting. This list is a great way to keep on top of your brushing routine, and to see how well you are treating your teeth too. Our top ten tips for a healthy mouth in 2020 Is as follows:

1. Brush your teeth regularly
Although I’m fairly confident most people have heard this one, it is an integral part of your oral hygiene routine. Brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time, protects your teeth throughout the day, especially when brushed with fluoride toothpaste and a high-quality toothbrush. It is important to remember not to brush to aggressively, as this can have detrimental effects on your teeth, such as brushing away the enamel which protects them.

2. Stop smoking
Smoking is really bad for your body as a whole, causing serious diseases and shaving years off of lives. Smoking also damages the body’s immune system, making it more complicated for it to repair any damages to body tissues, including inside of your mouth. It has also been recognised as a risk factor for gum disease, not to mention the yellowing and staining of teeth after a long period of time.

3. Diet changes

We all know that too much sugar can lead to a whole host of negative effects on your teeth, such as cavities or gum disease. With this in mind, it is always good to enjoy sugary drinks or sweets in moderation.
Through limiting sugary foods, you can really improve upon your teeth’s health and strength. Generally speaking, your daily sugar intake should account for less than 10% of what you consume throughout your day, and further reducing this intake will only prove more beneficial to your oral health too.
The same is said for starchy foods, as these break down into simple sugars when consumed, which will attack at the teeth, so limiting your intake of starch as well as sugar will prove really beneficial, and your mouth will feel all the better for it.

4. Using fluoride
Fluoride has very beneficial properties, as it is excellent at replenishing the enamel surrounding your teeth. Enamel is comprised of very tiny mineral crystals that are packed very close together, so your enamel can lose and gain minerals within the crystals each day. However, when plaque attacks at your teeth, it dissolves the minerals in the enamel of your tooth.
Fluoride helps replenish any minerals lost during demineralisation, and assists a great deal with keeping your enamel strong and protected against the harmful bacteria attacking your teeth. This is because acid produced by foods or drinks aren’t as effective in attacking a tooth brushed with fluoride.

5. Flossing

Flossing is great at getting rid of the excess debris or bacteria left over from where a toothbrush can’t get to. This practice is also beneficial in reducing bad breath due to the removal of the excess debris and bacteria.

6. Keep hydrated with plenty of water
Keeping hydrated is very important for your body to work properly and efficiently. But did you know that drinking water regularly, helps our teeth as well? The water washes away food and bacteria left in our mouth, which helps keep our teeth clean and healthy throughout the day!

7. Use an electric toothbrush
An electric toothbrush is a much more effective alternative from your standard toothbrush. The spinning, vibrations and shape all contribute to making it very good at removing plaque, especially in harder to reach places as the bristles are rounded rather than a rectangular shape.

8. Visiting your dental hygienist
Visiting your dental hygienist will prove beneficial in removing stains through cleaning your teeth thoroughly, treating gum disease and helping prevent bad breath.

9. Cleaning your tongue
Your tongue can harbour just as much bacteria on its surface as your teeth can. A build-up of microorganisms on your tongue stick together to form what is known as a ‘biofilm’, which, due to the bacteria inside it, can attacks your teeth as well as causing bad breath. Because of this reason, it is just as important to brush your tongue as it is your teeth.

10. Regular dental appointments
Keeping regular appointments with you dentist is essential to maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene. Dentists are able to spot any developing infections or cavities, which can be treated quickly, rather than allowing problems to develop which may become very painful later.
You can also have regular appointments with your hygienist or orthodontist for cosmetic work, such as teeth whitening or straightening.


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