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Straumann Pro-Arch

Straumann Pro-Arch - A wonderful reason to smile

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough, we also work with the world- renowned implant company, Straumann to offer patients full mouth fixed smiles. Working with a variety of implant systems means that we are able to offer our patients flexibility and choice. During the planning process, we are able to select a particular implant system based on individual needs to support the best treatment outcome.

Straumann – A reputation built on innovation

Straumann has long been recognized as a global pioneer and market leader in implant dentistry. The company has been researching, developing and manufacturing implants for over 35 years and has pioneered many of the most influential and groundbreaking technologies and techniques in implant dentistry, with the aim to enhance implant success and improve patient experience.

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we are delighted to launch the latest string to Straumann’s bow, the fantastic ‘Pro Arch’ system. This new innovation vastly reduces both treatment sessions and healing times, which in turn increases the simplicity of the entire treatment process without compromising the patient’s final outcome.

The Straumann Pro-arch system guarantees that the entire treatment journey is seamless from implant placement to the final restoration.

How does ‘Pro-Arch’ work?

  • The ‘Pro-Arch’ concept works by placing dental 4-6 implants in strategic positions to help support a fixed bridge.
  • It allows the dentist to provide a fixed or removable restoration depending on individual needs
  • The system offers a flexibility that allows us to treat even the most complex cases
  • The temporary restoration (i.e. teeth/bridge) can be fitted on the same day

Many patients come to us at the end of their tether. Sometimes feeling their teeth and mouth are beyond treatment or repair. Patients can feel really despondent that they will never smile again

However, we really can help to restore your smile to its natural beauty using Straumann Pro-Arch.

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough, we really do understand the impact that a broken down, gappy or painful dentition can have on a patient. Our team believe that the most important part of your implant journey will be your first consultation.

We will take the time to listen and to make sure that we really understand your problems and concerns.

We understand that every patient is different and we will work hard to make sure that we find an implant solution that suits you based on your lifestyle, health and individual needs.

Your Implant treatment programme will be planned in fine detail, as we believe that this type of treatment may last you for many years. Once we have explained all your options and you have chosen the best type of implant treatment to suit your needs, we will begin the treatment process.

Our friendly team will be with you every step of the way and you will be treated to first class customer care during your journey at Ascent Dental Care Loughborough. Our team will be on hand seven days a week to deal with any worries or concerns you may have.

Most patients find their implant journey comfortable and stress-free, in anticipation of the life changing results that lie ahead.

Enjoy life again

The decision to replace your missing teeth with an implant based fixed restoration from Straumann is an excellent investment in your oral health and appearance. Straumann can help to improve your quality of life and find the right solution for you to restore functionality and help improve your smile and increase your overall confidence.

Benefits of ‘Pro-Arch’

  • Reduced treatment sessions
  • Vastly reduced healing times
  • ‘Temporary’ immediate restorations mean a rapid improvement in quality of life
  • Long-term solution for permanent, fixed teeth
  • Complex cases and severely worn, damaged and broken down dentitions can be treated with Straumann Pro-Arch.
  • Patients can be treated using Conscious Sedation

Same-Day teeth using Straumann Pro-Arch is much more affordable than you may think. In addition, we offer finance options so that you can budget for treatment and spread the cost over a period that suits you.

At Ascent Dental Care Loughborough we are proud to offer FREE Consultations for patients considering Same- Day permanent fixed teeth. Simply call our friendly team to find out how our flexible approach to your dental needs could result in the smile of your dreams.

Why Straumann is different – The ‘Techy’ Stuff!

Implants are securely anchored and more convenient with
 Straumann technologies.
Using the well-researched and unique technological innovations by Straumann can further improve treatment outcomes, as well as the reliability and convenience of the treatment:

  • The Straumann® SLActive® surface improves the implant’s integration with bone and increases treatment predictability, thus helping to obtain the final restoration earlier
  • The Straumann® Roxolid® Implant material can allow for less invasive and therefore more convenient treatments

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