The benefits of chewing sugar free gum

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You may remember being told that chewing gum is very bad for your teeth at a young age. Whilst this is still very true for chewing gum with sugar in it, this does not apply to sugar free chewing gum. In fact, chewing sugar free gum has many beneficial effects on your teeth that you may not expect. In this article, we look at the benefits of chewing sugar free chewing gum, other than just having minty fresh breath, which many consider as the obvious.

Strengthening enamel
Sugar free gum is sweetened through using xylitol, which reduces the acids left over on your teeth from foods and drinks. The gum also assists in maintaining your teeth’s health, through supplying them with beneficial minerals, preventing enamel erosion. This is very important, as the stronger your teeth’s enamel is, the less likely you are to suffer with cavities or tooth decay.

Preventing cavities
Studies have shown that chewing sugar free gum for up to 20 minutes after a meal, can significantly help to prevent tooth decay. This is possible due to the gum encouraging the production of saliva in your mouth. The saliva produced washes any excess foods and neutralises acids. Furthermore, calcium and phosphate which are both found in saliva, work to improve and strengthen the enamel on your teeth as well.
Whilst sugar does stimulate the saliva production, the saliva contains the sugar which is then used by ‘plaque bacteria’ to produce harmful acids to attack your teeth with.

Combats dry mouth
Dry mouth occurs through a lack of saliva production, and is quite a common problem, especially amongst the elderly. This can also be down to some auto immune diseases or medication, and can lead to cavities developing, bad breath and tooth decay. The problem is that there isn’t as much saliva to wash away any bacteria or excess foods. Chewing sugar free gum is a great way to combat this, as it stimulates saliva production.

Reducing tooth sensitivity
A common cause of tooth sensitivity is teeth whitening. Even if done by a professional, your teeth can still be left feeling sensitive after the procedure. Chewing on sugar free gum can help with this through increasing saliva production and strengthening enamel.

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